Preferred by the more intrepid traveller, America's largest and most sparsely populated state (the ‘Last Frontier’) is a place of dramatic landscapes, unique treasures, rich heritage and ample wildlife. It’s hard to fully grasp its 39 mountain ranges, 12,000 rivers, 100,000 glaciers and 3 million lakes, but it’s certainly worth a try – and our self-drive tours, wildlife adventures and pre and post cruise packages can open your clients' eyes to a new world of adventure.

Western Canada

Encompassing British Columbia and Alberta, Western Canada features the most dramatic landscape changes in the country. Its well-known jewels range from coastal Tofino and Vancouver to the majestic Rocky Mountains and plains of Alberta. Go back millions of years digging up dinosaurs in the Canadian Badlands or sip world-renowned wines in the Okanagan Valley. Activities range year-round from remote and luxurious lodges to hiking, golfing, spa & ski experiences.

Eastern Canada

Canada's largest provinces, Ontario and Quebec, offer visitors unique wilderness, history and culture. Ontario is home to both Ottawa and Toronto – the former being the nation's capital and the latter the largest city. Enjoy national museums, art galleries, trendy shopping and innovative dining; Niagara Falls is also nearby, with wine tasting and outdoor exploring. Quebec is the only province that has French as its official first language, and the multicultural cities of Montreal and Quebec City are worthy of a visit.

Central & Northern

The prairie provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba (Central Canada) and Canada’s North (the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut) are ripe with outdoor exploration. While Central Canada is home to one of North America’s largest dark sky preserves and Churchill – the polar bear capital of the world – Northern Canada is renowned for its Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), the Gold Rush and 20+ hours of daylight in the summer. Untamed and unspoiled, enjoy wildlife viewing, fishing, hiking, canoeing and authentic cultural experiences.

Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada includes Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland and Labrador. A melting pot of cultures, heritage and history, the region is home to the world’s largest tides in the Bay of Fundy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Lunenburg, the Cabot Trail, and the ‘birthplace’ of Anne of Green Gables. Fresh and plentiful seafood, stunning beaches and coastal drives will bring you here, but the friendly people and ambience will bring you back.

Did you know?

  • In Canada, we have 2 official languages: English and French
  • There are 10 provinces and 3 territories
  • Our $1 and $2 coins are commonly referred to as the ‘Loonie’ and ‘Toonie’
  • Our population is just under 35 million, with 90% of the population living within 160km of the US border
  • Spanning over 9.9 million square kilometers, we are the world’s second-largest country
  • We border 3 different oceans: Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic, and have the longest coastline in the world
  • Queen Elizabeth II is our Head of State
  • The country encompasses 6 different time zones
  • Hockey (of course) and lacrosse are our official sports
  • The Trans-Canada Highway is the longest national highway in the world at 7821km, and runs between Victoria, British Columbia and St. John's, Newfoundland
  • Alert, in Nunavut territory, is the northernmost permanent settlement in the world

Why Canada?

What sets Canada apart? It offers something for everyone; a country as vast and as different as its people who, by the way, are just as friendly as everyone says.

Canada is all about personal journeys and exploring the country on your own terms. After all, Canada is a land built for explorers. Board a train and journey through the magnificent Canadian Rockies or take a seaplane or helicopter to a remote lodge. Wander, trek, voyage or glide; no matter how you like to explore Canada’s dramatic natural wonders, getting around is half the fun.

Canadian cities are all about the urban buzz, featuring unique cultures and award-winning cuisine. French-flavoured Montréal and Québec City are chic and distinct, where history and architecture mingle with modern life. Coastal cities Vancouver and Halifax are laid back yet trendy, and Victoria is charming, gracious and old-world elegant.

Go for adventure among awe-inspiring natural wonders in the country’s sprawling wilderness, be it the Rockies, Algonquin Park, Bay of Fundy or Nahanni National Park. Sit mesmerized by the aurora borealis (Northern Lights) from the comfort of a hot tub, or get soaked by Niagara Falls and go wine-tasting at a nearby winery. Watch polar bears prowl the shores near Churchill, Manitoba, or the rare Kermode Spirit Bear on BC’s central coast. Natural wonders are abundant in Canada and so are the ways to enjoy them.

Authentic and natural, Canada is a destination for first time visitors and seasoned travellers alike. With original and unique experiences around every corner, there is always a new place waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

Why Alaska?

Both wild and wonderful all at once, Alaska is an untamed destination preferred by the more intrepid traveller. There are plenty of rail tours, self-drives, wildlife excursions and arctic adventures that we can arrange for your clients – always with a remote lodge or private day excursion ready to inspire on the way.

From Talkeetna and Denali to Seward and Juneau, our Alaska tours can be combined with a Canada adventure or done entirely on their own. Ride the rails from Anchorage to Fairbanks and discover the back country of Denali National Park. Witness the largest brown bear in the world, the Kodiak bear, and see more eagles than other people. Place your feet on barren tundra or lift your eyes to massive icebergs – when you travel to Alaska, extraordinary is everywhere you look.