Our Company

We know Canada and Alaska best! Respected in the industry for providing flexible travel solutions, we pride ourselves on being progressive and innovative: both with our range of products and services, and within our own team as well. More



We live, breathe and dream Canada and Alaska! Our enthusiastic Travel Designers are not only experienced globe-trotters, but regularly travel throughout our destinations to gain first-hand knowledge; always exploring new regions, looking for new and unique product and inspecting our existing product to ensure everything is up to our high standards.

We are proud to offer our personal insights and recommendations to ensure your clients’ expectations aren’t just met on one of our holidays, but exceeded. We design holidays from the perspective of the visitor, paying close attention to quality, logistics and comfort. A partnership with Discover Holidays means you can rely on us like an extended member of your team; we will be your ‘eyes and ears’ in Canada and Alaska.

Canada and Alaska offer a wealth of adventure. From the people to the landscapes your clients will experience unique luxury, remote hideaways, wildlife viewing and urban culture. Let our team help you discover the holiday of your dreams.